Outsourced Style for Women Leaders | U>Styled

Ustyled is a Style company changing the conversation around Style.


We partner with designers to both connect them with their target market as well as help them design product that is both wanted and needed.


We partner with companies and organizations for #StylePower training’s which encompass Personal Branding, Confidence, Dressing for Every Occasion and How to Evolve your Wardrobe as your Career Evolves.


We partner with YOU as a one-on-one client to give you total confidence and clarity in creating your own individual #StylePower.


Ustyled was founded in 2008 with the simple mission of making it easier to stay in the workforce. At only 25 years old, with the advantage of working in the Fashion industry with easy access to clothes at a significant discount, Catherine saw the challenges that other women must face as they drive to rise up the ladder because she didn’t have the time to evolve her wardrobe to ‘dress for success.’

So, Ustyled was born.

Over the year years, as we’ve worked with hundreds of women, the mission has evolved to something deeper.

Changing the conversation around style completely.

This means not only giving women the tools to know how to dress for herself – her body, her career, and her stylebut partnering with the designers we work with to create better product for her.

Product that fits the needs of today’s working woman.

Our clients range in age from 26 – 76. Their careers are quite diverse and many are working in male-dominated industries. Their sizes range from 00 – 26 and they come from all sexual orientations.

Bottom line: There is no one size fits all to style.

This conversation we’re committed to is inclusive and collaborative; it’s about confidence and clarity; and a wardrobe of quality over quantity. It’s also about ease.

We move this conversation forward with each client we work with, each organization that brings us in for a workshop (or 3) and with each designer that engages us to merchandise a collection that speaks to the nuanced needs of today’s modern woman.


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