Yes, STYLE can be easy. With the 30 Days program, it all becomes simple because it gives you one KEY element of Style — CLARITY.

This means:

  • Clarity in WHO you are and how you want to be percieved
  • Knowing how to dress your body to flatter and flaunt (This is NOT about hiding your ‘flaws’)
  • Editing out the pieces that are ‘meh’
  • KNOWING why those pieces are so-so
  • Playing with MIXING & MATCHING


Who is this for?

:: It’s for you if you’re closet is full of clothes, yet each morning you go to get dressed and sigh in frustration of feeling like you still have nothing to wear.

:: It’s for you if you’re in a place of transition with your business or career and you know you need to evolve your wardrobe & style, but you don’t know where to start.

:: It’s for you if you want to save money. SERIOUSLY. Knowing what to buy, where to find it, what it’s worth and how to wear it means you ACTUALLY WEAR IT and so, thus, save money.


This is about giving you what you want NOW and taking away all excuses to wait until …

… you lose 5 pounds

… you can invest in the one-on-one

… you have more TIME


In addition to all the goodies you get with 30 Days to Define your Style, we’re giving you the chance to add 4 30-minute Style Power Coaching Sessions with Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy. (The sessions alone are worth $600)


Liberating and empowering!

I get it. I finally get it. Thanks to Catherine, I can look in my closet or go to the store, look at a piece of clothing and know why it does or doesn’t work for me. That is so liberating and empowering!


You’re busy, so I’m going to get to the point.

You’re worth it.

Boom! Done! 😉

But, seriously, I created this program to help you take first step into finding your Style Power. This is NOT about getting overwhelmed with all the shopping choices. This is about clearing your closet and creating clarity for you on how you want to show up, be seen and move in the world.

It’s not fitting a mold. It’s not trends.

It’s finding YOU and getting the tools to make it easy, effortless and FUN to get dressed to take on the world each morning. I really do believe that women will change the world and do we ever need it right now!

Yes, we need YOU. All of you.

Read on to learn more about what we cover in this program, but please know that I’ve got your back! (This is also why I’ve worked over the last 8 years to figure out how I can ensure that women everywhere have access to working with a Stylist … and this is just part of our solution.

You can see more about what we’re talking about in #StylePower on our Instagram and Facebook as well as our blog.

And if you’re not quite ready for this step into style, then I urge you to sign up for the Style Power Report HERE.

I got you!





In this module, we start by digging into YOU. Not your style, YOU. Your style is an extension of you, how you want to show up and how you want to be perceived.

We have you dig into:

  • What is YOUR Personal Brand of Style Power?
  • What is your Purpose?

Then, we get to play with the visual inspiration piece of defining your style.



:: Creating a vision for your style that is a true representation of YOU — not what you ‘should’ be, but who you ARE.

:: CONFIDENCE in HOW you’re presenting yourself as you go out on your mission.

:: Clarity in your goals — professionally, personally and in STYLE. (This is key for getting to the step of letting go of the clothes that don’t serve you anymore.)


Beautiful Body Screen Shot

This is about dressing YOUR beautiful body. Every woman is very different, so we don’t like trying to fit anyone into a mold. What we do offer is guidance to start ID’ing your body type so you can start understanding the fit details that highlight your beautiful body (and why certain styles just don’t work and that is OK!)



:: CLARITY (again!) in knowing what to look for and direction for where to find it!

:: CONFIDENCE in what works for your body — you ARE a snowflake, so stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself when it comes to clothes. It’s a nuanced thing to find the right pieces.

:: That’s why knowing what items you should be looking out for also makes it easier to find what you need to update & evolve your wardrobe. Certain items you’re drawn to may actually be a reflection of you and what works best for your body.


Again, this program is about clarity and confidence before adding anything. Clarity requires actual cleansing, so we’ll take what we learned in Modules 1 & 2 to apply to actually clearing out your closet.

Don’t worry – we guide you through:

  • Where to start to CLEAR the clutter (keep what you LOVE)
  • ID’ing your Weaknesses (aka RUT)
  • How you play with what you have!


  1. FIT



:: A closet full of clothes YOU LOVE — that fit you, that feel good for you and that help you own your power like the badass that you are!

:: Creating an ACTION PLAN so you can check off what you need one item at a time, over time. We don’t believe in shopping sprees over here!

:: It’s the Action Plan that makes it easier to navigate online or in-store shopping with ease.

:: More clarity in HOW to play with your clothes to mix & match & maximize your wardrobe.

:: CONFIDENCE (again!) to play with adding new colors, fabrics, details, fits, etc. that really resonate with your personality and presence.


Business Casual dressing is prevalent these days yet so nuanced for audience, geography and activity. We’ll help you navigate it with confidence!


:: Never second-guessing what is ‘appropriate’ for a situation — you’ll KNOW!

:: You’ll get even more insight into what you may want to add to your wardrobe sooner than later.


In case it’s not clear, we’ve got your back … we want you to be successful in defining your style and creating even more success personally, professionally and even romantically.

You’ll immediately join our Facebook group that give you:

♦ Weekly ‘Fashion Friday’ Facebook LIVE videos – mini-training and opportunities for LIVE A’s to your Q’s

♦ A growing community of dynamic women for ongoing support – Post your Q’s, your wins, your new items, etc!


:: As you update your wardrobe — post here for confirmation that it’s a WIN plus additional ideas for how to style. OR, get feedback on why it’s not AND save the money and frustration of it in your closet!

:: Being supported as you evolve your style — because it IS an ongoing evolution. You’ll be evolving for the rest of your life!

:: This could go on .. but, basically, we’ve got your back!


These coaching calls with Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy are only available as a holiday bundle for a limited time (until Monday, November 28th) and the coaching calls must be redeemed within 90 days of starting the program.

These 4 sessions have a $600 value, alone. Bundled with this program (usually $150), you’re saving $250 for taking action and investing in yourself.


:: The real icing on the cake is how Catherine can GET you quickly. If you’re stuck on your #StylePower essence, she’ll get to it for you.

:: Personalized direction for creating your Wardrobe Action Plan — take out any guestimation!

:: Total confidence in letting go of items you were on the fence about PLUS the understanding of WHY they don’t work.

:: You’ll have the tools to create outfits on your own as that’s what Catherine does — empowers YOU to do it for yourself as if she was in your closet with you. (It may feel like you’re channeling her and that’s OK. We hear that from most of our clients!)

Don’t take it from us that this works … take it from women who have gone through the program …


Before the Style Power Program, I was basically on autopilot when it came to how I looked.

I was professional – but boring! I’m a professional musician, so “concert black” is our uniform and since I am a classical sacred singer, “conservative” was my motto. However, knew I wanted to make a change in my life and started to expand my voice studio into a more impactful business.

Enter Style Power! Catherine has a wonderfully energetic, yet gentle, way of getting you to take a look at how you are presenting yourself to the world. It’s more than the clothes you wear. It’s how you feel and the energy and confidence that comes with that. I swear I was walking taller by the end of the first few weeks. Catherine challenged me to be visible, which is a big issue for me. However, with the tools of the program, I have stepped out of the shadows and into my life and business in a bigger way.

All of the modules are great, but I found the closet evaluation exercise very valuable. It’s a work in progress for me, but I was surprised by how many items I had that weren’t really “me” anymore. I don’t want to hang onto the “old me.” I like the “new me” that is emerging.

The biggest affirmation that I’ve gotten about my Style Power came a few weeks ago when a woman at my church job came up to me and said, “Dr. Anne, this has nothing to do with church, but I just want you to know, your outfits are always so cute!” Thanks, Catherine!!

President and Founder, Solid Vocal Foundation

>> YOU CAN HEAR ANNE’S SUCCESS STORY (and see her ‘after’) HERE! <<



Created a congruent style that aligned with my confidence and ultimately enhanced my business success!

I hired Ustyled because felt tired with my look, but more importantly it felt in-congruent with who I was becoming on the inside. Letting go of all the crap I was holding on to was liberating. And I was learning new things about myself every session. Having someone guide me through the process was priceless.

As Catherine guided me with the clothes she chose for me (and explained WHY with each one), I started to see a totally different person in the mirror – confident and beautiful. Not only that, I am a different person – lighter, relaxed, confident, comfortable in my own skin and powerful.

As a success and leadership coach, I know that our success is strongly influenced by your ability to change and grow. You are what you think and this is reflected in how you present yourself to the outside world. My upgraded styling has enabled me to reflect my true authentic self from the inside out. It also impacted my business – recent pictures from a photoshoot has generated lots of comments and interest in what I do.





Helped me rebuild my wardrobe to reflect who I am as a strong and feminine woman.

The Style Power Program is all about fashion with a purpose and making the most out of your wardrobe. The Program inspired me to de-clutter my closet and rebuild a wardrobe that reflects a strong and feminine woman. Working in a ‘female under-represented’ field, I had previously dressed as I thought I should, though I slowly started to bring more of ME into my professional attired. With this program, I was finally able to let go of the old and move forward to a more modern version of myself. 

Catherine’s mentorship went beyond the fashion trends and focused on how fashion makes you feel. Her genuine passion and knowledge of style really shined through her ability to connect and challenge me to make subtle changes that make the world of a difference.




LeslieRW today, stitching

 I added some basic staples that I’d been missing — really simple pieces that still had some style and personality.

I’ve learned so much and it will continue to evolve, I’m sure. During the Style Power course, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of things that just weren’t working for me. I realized I had too many accents and not enough foundation. So I added some basic staples that I’d been missing — really simple pieces that still had some style and personality. To my surprise and delight, I discovered how these simple pieces can act like a canvas on which one special piece of clothing or jewelry can really shine!

My old favorite things look so much better against my new foundation – and people notice and compliment me on pieces I’ve had for years!

It was great to post pictures and get your feedback, Catherine. I have pretty good intuition about what works for me and a pretty good eye as an artist. But I had some blind spots, and I was missing the fine tuning that you provided.

And the best thing about taking pictures is that now I have a photo album of outfits that work for me. I can look back to them anytime I get unsure – either to replicate them or to integrate the lessons more deeply. It’s easy to revert back to our habitual ways. but now when I get distracted or forget what I learned, I can go back and look at my photos to see what worked and what didn’t.

And each time I put an outfit together that works, I reinforce my understanding and intuition. I ground in it more fully and feel better and better in my clothes! Thank you!

Textile Artist and Educator, threadsofawakening.com




Catherine helped me understand (and accept!) my body and how to relate to the clothes I already own.

This has helped me to see the holes in my wardrobe I need to fill.  This is such a relief!

More than that, she is gently coaching me into seeing my own potential reflected in how I dress.

It is so helpful to have a guide, especially if you have had pieces in your wardrobe for a very long time.  I find I could not longer see them clearly.  I had a sense that things did not fit properly, but I did not know what to do about it.  Honestly I stopped shopping because I was tired of wasting money, not knowing what on earth to look for in terms of style and fit. 

I can say I am gaining confidence about what looks best on me and how to put outfits together with much more ease.  I am quickly growing my business and often feel pressed for time.

This week I was able to quickly assemble an outfit for an important meeting – and amazingly felt really good and CONFIDENT in it.  This is the first time ever I have been able to throw something together on the fly and feel really good!

Catherine is always honest (so appreciate that!) yet gentle and you know she really wants the best for you.  If you are looking to gain confidence in how you dress for success, Catherine is your woman.




Ustyled is a fashion company committed to serving women leaders.

Founded in 2008 with the purpose of making it easier for women to choose to stay in the workforce by outsourcing their style, Ustyled has evolved to the deeper purpose of empowering women in leadership.

We help our clients tap into their Style Power™ – the confidence a powerful woman exudes with her presence and style.

She is already successful, intelligent, confident, and driven.

Through working with Ustyled, our clients define their style to create a powerful presence that is integrated to communicate WHO they are as leaders in alignment with their personal and professional goals.

We launched Boutique Box to further streamline how we support women in creating a wardrobe that supports their success. Boutique Box is a strategic, personalized, outsourced way to shop.

sales_ghandiWith clients around the world (including London, Ontario, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Asheville, and Los Angeles), we have reached hundreds of women with the Style Power message.
Now, our intention is to reach millions. As we continue to partner with corporations and designers and build our team of stylists, we are doing just that!