CEO, Style Expert, Merchandiser | Hire Catherine Cassidy

Coming from a Merchandising background, Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy is as passionate about our designer partnerships and supporting your business growth.

With our unique Boutique Box service, we not only offer our clients a premium service with a streamlined approach so they can outsource their shopping, we also offer our Designer Partners a unique opportunity to access our insights from working with hundreds of women over the last 8 years.

This multifaceted support includes:
>> Sales and distribution to your ideal clients
>> Consulting on fit, style and growth opportunities
>> Exposure to our community

Ustyled’s community and reach goes beyond our one-on-one clients. We utilize our platform to educate and engage and sometimes offer suggestions on what to buy and why.

Some of the brands we partnered with include Citizen’s Mark, Alexis Bittar, Bloomingdales, and Alice & Olivia.

Ustyled launched Boutique Box in 2012 when CEO Catherine Cassidy realized that women weren’t investing in the support for personal shopping because of the expense, yet they so desperately needed it to save time and frustration.

Since then, we’ve continued to refine the process to create a win-win-win for our clients, our designers and our message.

With over 8 years of working with women of all backgrounds, experiences, ages, etc., we have a unique insight into what women want and need. Utilize our expertise and experience to streamline your sales and success!


There is no one size fits all to style, so we also have a holistic approach to how we can partner in style with you.