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Leadership Style Power: Redefining ‘Dress for Success’

We go deeper into WHY style matters … CONFIDENCE.

Additionally, studies have shown that what you wear not only influences how others perceive you, but also how you PERFORM. (Galinsky)

It’s having the confidence that you’re appropriate for the audience, seen as a capable leader and respected for your voice and vision, not what you’re wearing.

However, we can’t ignore the importance of what the clothes communicate or that it’s a tricky subject for companies and organizations to address.

In her Leadership Style Power ™ keynotes, workshops and trainings Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy redefines ‘Dress for Success’ in a way that engages you to think more deeply about your presence and WHY it matters (to you) while inspiring you to take immediate action (and giving you the tools TO take action!).

Whether it’s a thought provoking roundtable, a keynote tailored to your group or a deep-dive workshop with your team, you and your team will leave with more clarity into their style, presence and power … not to mention their potential … and the confidence to realize it all.

While Ustyled primarily serves women with our content, we ultimately want to create an environment where the BEST people rising up as leaders. We’ll customize any training to the audience we’re engaging.

Catherine has shared Style Power ™ with the women of Facebook, TD Bank, Women in Government Relations, First Tuesday USA, Step Up Women’s Network and the University of Southern California, among others.


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Engaging, Inspiring & Actionable …

Catherine gives women tools to enhance their existing style so they feel armed with even more confidence.

When I think of Catherine Cassidy, the words style and power both come to mind. Catherine has a deep background in the fashion industry and a presentation style that makes it easy to like her. But, it’s Catherine’s focus on “StylePower”that really sets her apart! Catherine speaks about being an empowered woman and using style to convey personal confidence in a way that is individualized, feminist, and uplifting. While many “style experts” leave women feeling as if there is something wrong with them, Catherine gives women tools to enhance their existing style so they feel armed with even more confidence. Catherine has spoken to the young women who Running Start trains to run for political office. She is always such a hit! When our young women walk out of a session with Catherine, they hold their heads higher and prouder. If you’re looking for a great speaker on how to own and grow your StylePower, Catherine Cassidy is your woman!

Vice President, Running Start

Catherine gave incredible insight on the role fashion plays with confidence and enhancing one’s work experience.

“Catherine was an incredible addition to the GW Women in Business Annual Spring Conference. The purpose of our conference was to help empower, and help young professionals to expand their boundaries to find what makes them limitless. Catherine’s knowledge undoubtedly helped guide the attendees on how to get one step closer to becoming “limitless”. Catherine gave incredible insight on the role fashion plays with confidence and enhancing one’s work experience. The backbone that Ustyled is built upon should be shared with all professionals as it can help take their work experiences to the next level.”

Chairwoman, GW Women in Business

Engaged and inspired a diverse group of professional women

Catherine presented a workshop on “Dressing for Success” to a group of high school seniors and professional women mentors. Giving the group some basic professional staples and some tips from the top on ways to create and personalize your professional wardrobe, helped our ladies feel empowered to enter the workforce confidently.

Her ability to engage a diverse group and address the questions and needs of both new to the workplace young women and professional veterans, was truly impressive and a testament to her investment in her own knowledge and in the women she serves.

Senior Manager, Teen Programs at Step Up Women's Network

Completely shifted how I look at my closet and my body!

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with us. I am looking at my closet, and my body, with new eyes (more critical with closet, less critical with body! ) I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and learned valuable, useful information.

Every woman left glowing, feeling more comfortable in their skin and with a clearer idea of how to dress for both her body and her essence.

I asked Catherine to do a workshop at a healing retreat for women experiencing grief. Dealing with loss can make us seem like a stranger to ourselves when we look in the mirror and I wanted to give these women a chance to see how their inner beauty could shine with a little help. The attendees loved working with her. Each of them left glowing, feeling more comfortable in their skin and with a clearer idea of how to dress both for her body and her essence. It was a fantastic way to make concrete the amazing healing and growth that had already taken place.

I tapped into the fact that it’s more than STYLE – it’s about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman.

Being a woman over 45, I really want to look my best and feel my best, but not necessarily trade it for an aesthetic that doesn’t make me feel like ME!  And that was my favorite part of what Catherine talked about at the Style Power workshop. I tapped into the fact that it is about stepping into my power and who I am as a woman. It’s that style is my own personal aesthetic that shows who I am and want to be and show to the world. Catherine is so passionate about this and I love that about her.

I am a photographer now, but I have 15 years of corporate experience that I sometimes struggle with this still even though I’ve had my own business for over 6 years!  I was getting ready to attend a women’s conference recently and felt super anxious that morning as I was getting dressed – walking in and out of my closet debating on whether I should dress “like everyone else would” or “just be me and throw all caution to the wind”!  Do I dare?  And I did!  While getting ready that morning, I actually thought about how Catherine had talked about needing to embrace my power and be ME and I would feel more confident because of it.  And so I did.

I put on a cute (very non-corporate jacket), skinny jeans and very funky heeled shoes and walked out feeling pretty good!  I still l had a hit of anxiety when I pulled up to the event when every, single woman that walked by me was wearing a gray or black suit and black shoes. I almost wanted to turn around and bolt out of there!  Instead, I drove in, parked, thought about who I was and why I was there and again thought about some of the conversations during Catherine’s (name of the event?) a few weeks back and decided to show up as me. And I did.  And it felt great. I remember Catherine saying, “Your style is a key to your success.” and how true that was for me!  I allowed myself to be artsy, flirty and fun and realized that it didn’t take away from my professionalism or ability to do large projects for a client.  And guess what? I met two potential clients that day and walked away with meetings and even more confidence in my inner and outer beauty!