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Style is not about fitting a mold.

Style is as much about WHO you are as HOW you dress. It’s anthropology as well as psychology.

For example, being in a room of diverse women to appreciating how each one of them shows up in her style.



Because we believe Style is an outward expression of your inner self.

And women are nuanced creatures.

So, how do we navigate the treacherous waters of dressing as a professional woman? 

Honestly, it’s annoying that it’s such a tricky conversation. Ustyled’s goal is to give you confidence and clarity to show up in YOUR style while honoring the occasion, the audience and basically focus on kicking some serious #StylePower A$$!

This is why we created a FREE training to help you start cultivating your Leadership Style Power NOW.

This 5-part series walks you through the 5 C’s of Leadership Style Power™ to help you get clarity in your WHY, move you through your WHAT in your messaging and ultimately help you with HOW you define your personal Leadership Style Power.

A quick message from Ustyled CEO Catherine Cassidy on what you can expect from the training (and WHY you should do it!):